The Pianotuner of Earthquakes

Christopher Slaski

he Pianotuner of Earthquakes is released on DVD in the US by Zeitgeist Films on April 24, following the release of the soundtrack. The film tells the story of Malvina van Stille (Amira Casar), an opera singer who is abducted by the diabolical Dr. Emmanuel Droz (Gottfried John) just before her marriage with composer Adolfo Blin (Cesar Sarachu). Malvina is taken to the doctor’s mansion in Azucena. He is a brain surgeon who wants to perform an unspeakable act on Malvina. The Pianotuner of Earthquakes is a dark and highly original fairytale which has impressed festival audiences and critics all over the world. It was nominated to compete for the Golden Leopard at the Locarno International Film Festival, where the film won two awards. Variety wrote that the film “impresses as a visually exquisite, rigorously intellectual” fable and New York Times defined it as a “idiosyncratic, highly original vision”.

Track Listing

1 Malvina Sings I 0:42
2 The Pianotuner of Earthquakes 3:56
3 Love Theme 4:16
4 Sexuality and Sensuality 3:18
5 1st Automaton 3:34
6 2nd Automaton: The Little Rowing Boat 0:34
7 3rd Automaton 0:54
8 4th Automaton I: The Little Woodcutter 1:02
9 4th Automaton II: Transformed 0:52
10 5th Automaton: The Crystal Glass Penis Machine 1:16
11 Malvina Sings II 0:28
12 Assumpta Attempts the Seduction of Felisberto 3:24
13 The Forest Grotto 0:44
14 Assumpta and Felisberto Enjoy the Sunset 0:40
15 Malvina Mystery 1:14
16 The Opera and the Earthquake 6:06
17 Love Theme (2nd Version) 4:54
18 The Boy: Theme 2:46
19 The Boy: Episode 2:16
20 The Girl: Prologue 3:43
21 The Girl: Theme 3:36
22 Malvina Sings III 0:28